Two children in traditional armenian clothes dancing traditional armenian songs.



“Barekendan” is one of the most ancient Armenian holidays. In the old days, it was celebrated in February – the New Year according to the lunar calendar. But for more than a century this holiday was in oblivion. And only in recent years, Barekendan traditions began to revive. 

On the 11th of February 2018, Tonir Wedding Village organized a big event of “Barekendan” at Megerian Carpet Armenia with the participation of 200 people. The tickets were immediately sold out. The special guests of the event were Tonatsuyts Folk Theater, Katil Band and Leraneh. The guests enjoyed folk music and dances, took  family portraits, tasted traditional food, watched folk theater and played games.

The highlight of the event, was a game – “Comic Funeral of a donkey”. Of course, it was not the animal itself that was buried, but it’s stuffed animal or doll. The holiday itself symbolizes the cycle of nature. Having survived the winter, people are preparing for spring troubles, from which the countdown of the new year will begin.

And before hard work, you should have a good rest and have a wedding. Too many weddings were played during Barekendan in Armenia. This was considered a good sign for the future family life – there will always be a prosperous and happy life in the house.

On holiday, it was customary to eat sweet gata, rice porridge and drink wine, and the organizers invited all the guests to taste these dishes specifically made for Barekendan. This was a good chance for all the participants to be in the center of the national holiday “Barekendan”․

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