Manuk and Gohar live in Germany. Manuk is descended from Sasun, Western Armenia and Gohar is from Artsakh. They have decided to share their uniqueness by having a very traditional ethnic Armenian wedding.

Tonir Wedding became their planner in everything by incorporating ethnic customs and traditions in a respectful manner that was a great way to honour both individuals and their families. It ensured that their special day made a lasting impression that would be memorable to both them and their guests for a lifetime.

Tonir wedding organized The Ritual Day, The Church Ceremony and The Party allowing for multiply the amount of celebrating and fun providing explanations of rituals and traditions that were included in the wedding. This helped guests feel more at ease and on top of what’s going on.

The Armenia Wine Company was transformed into a Bohemian lounge, complete with ethnic decorations, ceramic tableware and rugs. Colorful flowers were placed on the tables, which enhanced the desired atmosphere of the day.

A custom décor theme was created by using vibrant and rich colors of Sasun and Artsakh in clothing, table decorations and wedding flowers. Manuk and Gohar, as well as all their guests wore traditional accessories and clothing that evoked cultural fireworks. An enchanting atmosphere was created mostly by the folk music bands and musicians.

For each ritual there the musicians played a unique song creating the enchanting and magical atmosphere.
A well thought out and beautifully designed program helped educate and entertain the guests. The night unfolded as the guests dined and we couldn’t help but notice the happy expressions from the couple’s faces.

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