Artak and Nina

Artak and Nina are from Goris city, Syunik Province. Their tailor-made wedding ceremony was absolutely based on the Syunik region’s wedding traditions.

Nina says,Our love story may be ordinary, but our wedding was a true fairy tale … Although the wedding day was scheduled for just two weeks before, it seemed unlikely that everything would be ready, but the Tonir Wedding team organized a beautiful, colorful, sunny and vibrant wedding that lasted 3 days and 3 nights. Now, I can hardly remember when I was trying to replace my bride’s white dress with a traditional wedding costume of the Syunik region, and I think it was not for me. I wish every Armenian girl in her life to have the opportunity to be present at least once in a miracle called a traditional Armenian wedding. And I am sure that one day she will choose the fairy tale …”.

The autumn-colored surroundings added to the beauty of the rituals. Rituals followed each other filled with spirit and melodies. The highlight of the Ritual was Harsnar.

The groom’s side with its relatives “armed” with torches went to the bride’s house. The next day, the Church ceremony took place at St. Hripsime church surrounded by the caves of old Goris.

Words are powerless to describe the overwhelming spirit of ethnic weddings that reigned over Goris for three days.

By organizing a traditional Armenian wedding ceremony, Artak and Nina saved a lost piece of traditional culture and created another piece of family history.

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