Newlyweds leaving the church

Corine and Diego traditional wedding

Diego and Corine’s traditional wedding with Tonir Wedding had all of those dreamy feels! The couple wanted their day to be personal, picturesque, and joyous for all of their family and friends, so they decided to organize a destination wedding mixed with Mexican and Armenian wedding traditions.

They chose Tonir Wedding as their destination wedding planner.  The roots of the couple took Tonir Wedding team to Nor Jugha, Western Armenia, and Mexico.

It was our pleasure to research and revive the beautiful wedding rituals, games, the cuisine of Nor Jugha and mix it with the Mexican ones. You may imagine the level of beauty and uniqueness we were able to create.

Combining multiple ethnic wedding traditions and ethnic wedding attire, a two-day wedding was filled with symbolism, colors, and charisma. Both the Ritual day and the Party of Diego and Corine’s wedding took place at the incomparably wild and picturesque Azoyan Resort. The resort, which features lush fields and areas, didn’t really need many decors to make it romantic, but Tonir Wedding did add a few touches to make it feel unique.

The couple’s guests arrived from different parts of the world spending three days in the South of Armenia, enjoying an exceptional wedding mixed with traditions, historic sites, and cultural monuments. They were wearing Armenian and Mexican traditional attire and accessories actively engaging in all the rituals, games, and dances directed by Tonir Wedding team.

So, instead of getting hitched in their hometowns, Corine and Diego flew far and wide, to give guests as well as themselves a thrill.

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